Meet the Kiddos

by ColorMom

Name: Baby Anton
Born: Oct. 2007 (born with Imperforate Anus)
3rd surgery completed Sept. 2008
~currently living a better life :)

Baby Anton


Name: Baby Meimei
Born: April 2009
(born with Imperforate Anus)
3rd surgery completed February 2010)
~currently living a better life :)
Baby Meimei


ColorKiddos Recipient #1

Name: Baby Jeff Andrei
Born: June 2009
(born with Imperforate Anus and congenital heart disease)
Died: June 2010)
Baby Je-An


Names: Baby Boo and Ysa
(siblings born with Hirschsprung’s Disease)
~currently living better lives :)



ColorKiddos Recipient #2
Name: Baby Joshua
Born: Dec. 2009
(born with Imperforate Anus and Congenital Heart Disease)
Died: Jan. 2010

Baby Joshua


Name: Baby Robyn

Born: November 2007

(born with Imperforate Anus)
3rd surgery completed September 2008)
~currently living a better life :)


Name: Baby Tomas
(born with Hirschsprung’s Disease)
~currently living a better life :)


ColorKiddos Recipient #3 (current)
Name: Baby Ambrey
Born: Feb. 2011
(born with Inguinal Hernia and Hole in the Large Intestine)
HE NEEDS OUR HELP… click photo to read about him


ColorKiddos Recipient # 4 (current)
Name: Baby Gabriel
Born: July 14, 2012
(born with Imperforate Anus with mild heart disease)



  • Dhamma says:

    A. Yes, DEFINITELY, here’s my storyHi! I am Angelica. baby Noah’s mom. I was not expecting a child with an imprfroeate anus. I don’t even know about it. But when I gave birth, the doctor told me that my baby has imprfroeate anus. I really can’t believe it. It was so difficult to handle at first, so I had a lot of questions such as why me? I am a born again christian, I took complete vitamins and prenatal checked ups but why me? I even offered my baby to God, because I don’t want to see my baby in pain. But I was wrong when I questioned Him. I know He has a purpose because in everything there’s a purpose, we just have to trust our Creator. My baby is now 7 months old and he is scheduled for a psarp on oct. 23, 2009 at pgh. So please I ask for your help to pray for my baby’s successful operation and pray also for financial blessings to finance my baby’s medical expenses. For more details e-mail me at Thank you nad Godbless.

  • Cecilia van Zyl says:

    My heart goes out to all these little ones, we have a two and a half year old foster child born with multipal genital disorders. Imperforated anus, cleft lip and palet and a club foot. He has undergone seven corrective surgeries and about eight dilatations in theatre. i have to dilate now at home to prepare for closure, but find it very difficult as he fights me every step of the way. Here in Namibia we do not get dilators from the doctor, they tell you to shape a candle, which make it more difficult as I do not even know what it is supposed to look like. He is brave and went through so much, we learn from him each day.
    God bless

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