ColorKiddos Story

by ColorMom

April 16, 2009, a beautiful baby girl was born to Joey and Maricar. A few hours after the birth, the pediatrician went in to Maricar’s room and told her that the other parts of the baby’s body are normal except for one – she has imperforate anus (rectum is malformed).  Not knowing what that defect was, Maricar’s first response was, “What’s the solution? What can be done?”.  So the doctor went on and explained the possibility of the little one to have colostomy and that a surgeon is needed to do the procedure.  In simple terms, Meimei (the baby’s name) will have a hole on her side with her intestine exposed, so her feces can leave the body.  On April 18th, the colostomy was done.  Meimei went out of the hospital 23rd of April.

Meimei’s parents knew that the cause of such defects was unknown, but there was a reason why they were blessed with such a baby. God’s assurance through HIS word lifted them up knowing that in God’s time, He will reveal His intented puspose.  On May 18th, the 6th year wedding anniversary of the couple, God indeed showed them the very purpose why Meimei was brought to their lives and here it is, clearly written in God’s Word:

2 Corinthians 1:4 (New Living Translation)

He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.

From the Sanctuary devotional quoted:

“Problems in our lives make us sensitive to the problems of others. How could the men and women of God reach out to a hurting world if they had never experienced that same pain in their own lives? Sometimes God allows problems in our lives so that we can better minister to someone else. That’s exactly what happened to Joseph. From his humbling slave and prison experience, he was able to fairly administer grain to a starving populace.

You see, problems have advantages. They provide us with opportunities if we will but look for them. They promote spiritual maturity if we let them make us better instead of bitter. They prove our integrity, produce a sense of dependency, and prepare our hearts for ministry. GOD ALLOWS PROBLEMS SO WE CAN LEARN AND GROW. We don’t like them, but they are necessary if we are to grow and change. Don’t run from the pressures God wants to use to make you His perfect example of Christlikeness.”

The words from the scripture and the message in the devotional cleared all doubt away. One thing was certain, God is slowly revealing what He wants to be done…

October 5th came and Meimei’s 2nd surgery, the PSARP, was performed. Now she has a rectum dilated daily so it can exercise and ready for use. February 15, 2010, 1 day before Meimei turned 10 months old, the final surgery (Colostomy Closure) was performed. And so on her 10th month, she was totally free to live that normal life, a better life that her parents have dreamed for her. Praise the Lord!

As a thanks giving offering, Maricar and Joey decided to put up something that will be a testimony of God’s goodness, HIS COMFORT in times of trouble, and His unending provision by establishing ColorKiddos, to provide support to parents and children that are going through what they have gone through.  ColorKiddos will be a place where people in the net can find good products and help finance the needs of the colorectal children.  It is also our desire that through this site, we can teach moms, dads and caregivers the proper care for a colorkiddo.

In ColorKiddos, we believe that “Every kiddo has a story to tell… Every kiddo deserves a better life… a colorful life.” HELP us HELP them.

Meimei is already 3 years old and definitely living a better life :) To God be the GLORY!

First Time Skater @ 3 years old



  • Ekaterina says:

    I am a 26 year old young woman with imperforate anus. I didn’t know much about this coditnion until I recently decided to do research. I had an opportunity to share my testimony on living with this coditnion with a group of ladies at our Women’s Ministry at church. It has not always been easy, but by the grace and mercy of God, he has brought me to a place of acceptance of who I am with this coditnion. In addition to this coditnion, I also have several others including, poor kidney function, constant UTI’S, anemia, and others. It has been a 26 year long struggle for me. When I was born, I too had to have a stoma built and had to have a colostomy bag. Now, I have been able learned how to cope with this coditnion and not allow it to stop me from being everything I was created to be and I am proud to say that I AM A SURVIVOR! I would love to continue to talk to people with this story or similar stories. Be blessed!

  • del says:

    Hi I want to know more about kids with IA, how they doing, are they able to control their bowel? how about when they go to school? I see Ekaterina’s message here, she impress me how she handle herself. now I know Im not alone have a baby with this defect, and it gives me hope.

  • Christine Merano says:

    My son is born with an imperforate anus. He will be three years old this coming November. I am searching all over through the internet hoping to find some sponsors who can help for his operations.

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