Just last night I blogged about Baby Je-An’s birthday and as you can see there he was smiling and compared to his previous photos, he looked much better last June 12… However early this morning I received a text message from his grandmother informing me that the little guy is in a critical stage and that he may need Intubation.

“Intubation is the process of inserting a tube, called an endotracheal tube, into the mouth and then into the airway. This is done so that a patient can be placed on a ventilator to assist with breathing.”

After lunch, my friend  Cindy and I visited Je-An at the Lady of Mercy Hospital and when we reached the pediatric ward, I literally had to locate him because of the many tubes that greeted me I didn’t spot him immediately. It is so hard to describe exactly how he looked but I will try…

Large tube attached to his mouth down to his lungs – according to the resident doctor he is on 100% Oxygen, that means that tube enables him to breathe. Je-An’s physician suggested to have the intubation because without it, there was no longer any way for him to breathe. The grandmother told us that they tried to remove the tube to test his capacity to breathe, but when the doctor did it, Je-An stopped breathing too so they decided to put it back… No telling until when…

Tiny tube attached to his nose NGT – wasn’t able to ask what was that for but during Meimei’s operation, she had that NGT post operation to make sure no air stays in her tummy.

IV on his left leg – medications passed through it

Cardiac Rate Monitor on his right leg – to monitor his cardiac rate. According to the doctor, normal rate for Je-An’s age is about 150, but from what we’ve seen, his rate was around 205. This simply means his heart is working very hard.

IV on his left arm – for more medications… we were there as this was inserted. What broke my heart was I can tell he wanted to cry so badly but there was no voice coming out of his throat and no tears from his eyes but he was staring at me and his mom as if begging us to take away the pain.

Nurse getting his Blood Pressure (BP) and checking his Respiratory Rate (RR) – his BP was a bit high (100/60) for a 1 year old since it should only be about 70/30. Also his RR should be somewhere 30 per minute but his is 45 per minute.

Je-An’s mom giving him a slight sponge bath – he has fever but he wasn’t given medication for that, only sponge bath was recommended.

He hasn’t slept since last night so as I was looking at him eye to eye he looked very tired. I’m sure he wanted so much to sleep but his condition didn’t permit him to do so.

Aside from the physical pain that baby Je-An is facing now, his family needs financial support… We are looking into an expense of about PHP 20,000 (US$ 400) on a daily basis. We do need your help, big or small amounts will be appreciated just the same and when put together can help Je-An live a day at a time.

Find us on Facebook by clicking COLORKIDDOS, purchase our products, post on our wall or send us a message… You may also leave your comment on this blog. You can also send your PayPal donations to the following email: donations (at) mommiesforacause (dot) net. Just put “Hope for Baby Je-An” at the subject line.

To family and friends who’ve extended help, GOD BLESS YOUR KIND HEART.

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  • Joey says:

    My sincerest condolences to the family of Je-An. His passing away yesterday is a sad event. God had plans for him which is beyond our comprehension. Trust HIS Heart. Je-An will always be remembered as a COLORKIDDO.

    There are more COLORKIDDO’s out there waiting for their miracles. May this foundation overflow with support for them. God bless!

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